Managed Print Services

What is MPS?

The Managed Print Service (MPS) is a service we provide to analyze and manage document output devices with the goal of reducing the total cost of ownership and improving printing and digital workflows and security.

MPS program typically includes printer/copier equipment, service, and supplies, with some or all of the following provisions:

  • Equipment including multi-functional Printers (MFP), copiers, printers, scanners and fax.
  • Preventive maintenance, parts, and ink/toner supplies (excluding paper).
  • Guaranteed service level response times for support, break/fix, and supplies.
  • Detailed account usage and simplified billing utilizing a cost per impression model.
  • Flexibility for equipment changes; up or down scaling as your business needs dictate.
  • Single contract for increased efficiency in managing contract terms and conditions.
Approach to MPS
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MPS typically begins with a print environment assessment. In general, we conduct a physical walk-through of your office environment to understand print volumes, devices in use, ink/toner coverage and business needs of each person.

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Meetings & Workshop

We collect all the information within your printing environment. Focus areas include security, mobility, workflows and environment. Listen to customer and design the solution.

saving money

Manage To Change

Make the recommendation for device optimization or “right-sizing”, as well as other changes to the print environment that will yield per-page and per-employee cost.

MPS Business Value

Print from your mobile device

Print wireless simple and secure using mobile printing solutions.

Protect your information

Keep your information safe with security solutions.

Digital documents

Seamlessly integrate paper and digital information using workflow solutions.

Reduce total cost of ownership

Our MPS reduce your imaging and printing costs up to 35% and reinvest in growth.

Reduce energy consumption

MPS monitor and reduce the number of output devices up to 47% in addition to replacing high-energy usage equipment with energy efficient devices, where appropriate.

Printing fleet Management

We can control and manage your printers, scanners and MFPs through centralized fleet management. Efficiently monitor, manage, update, and troubleshoot devices while saving IT time and budget.